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Upcoming HR Trend: Leveraging Your Data

Leveraging Data Blog Image

While "numbers" used to be reserved for nerds and analysts, data is having its moment. “Big Data” has been trending for a few years now, with good reason: data helps you see trends, track progress, find problems. And sometimes, it’s just plain cool. But most importantly, data helps you make informed decisions.

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HR Goes Digital: 2014 Trend

HR Trend going Digital

Do you spend a lot of time with paper? Completing and keeping track of paper-based forms, documents, and notes can be a huge time-suck. In 2014, take the time to investigate what areas of your work life can be moved to digital systems. 

HR Trend for 2014: Selective Outsourcing

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Selective outsourcing, the name for outsourcing only part of a activity while continuing to do the rest of the activity in house, is a growing trend for HR practitioners. Selective outsourcing works well for employee administration tasks that are not part of your core business activities, but which require specialized knowledge.

2014 HR Trend Alert: Defined Contribution Health Plans

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It is no secret that over the past decade the rate of increase for medical insurance premiums rose much faster than income. The national average shows premiums rose 4.9% over the past year… 29.9% over the past five years! So how are businesses handling theses increased costs? What effect is healthcare reform going to have on these trends? 

Health Insurance Tool for Business Owners


The Obama administration launched a new web site intended to help business owners  understand their health insurance options under the Affordable Care Act.

How to Choose the Right Benefits Management Software


By now, you're probably well aware of just what benefits management software can do for your HR department and company as a whole. Common reasons that benefits management software is implemented in virtually all major companies include:

4 Types of Dental Insurance Plans


When it comes to insurance, few things are as elusive as dental coverage. Buying dental insurance is often looked at as an expense most aren't willing to cover, despite the fact that seventy nine percent of companies today offer medical coverage of some form. Buying dental insurance may not be something you want to do, but there are plenty of options available and offering dental coverage can help you keep your most valued employees, attract new rising stars, and improve morale and satisfaction in the workplace.

10th Annual MetLife Survey of Employee Benefits Trends Report Released – What It Means To Your Business


MetLife has released the report from their 10th annual survey of employee benefits trends, conducted during the fourth quarter of 2011, and the findings are quite illuminating, especially for small to mid-sized businesses.

Public Health Insurance Exchanges – A Public Option


When it comes to providing employees with benefits, few options are as attractive as health insurance.  Around 18% of the public currently have no insurance, and the upcoming health care reform laws are going to have a big impact on that.  By creating private and public health insurance exchanges, these laws aim to help employers and employees find the best insurance solutions available.  And understanding public health insurance exchanges is a fairly simple matter as well.  With a public option included in private choices, public health insurance exchanges will offer the widest possible range of different insurance choices to ensure that virtually everyone finds the coverage that they need.  Here's a closer look at the specifics of private and public health insurance exchanges.

The Importance of High Employee Morale


Company and employee morale is an issue that many organizations tend to forget about between endless paperwork and meetings.  Employee morale may seem like just another item that is low on the long list of priorities that a manager has to deal with daily.  However, ignoring the morale of staff members can be a big mistake for an organization.  Keeping morale high can be easy and can have a large payoff for the company. 

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