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5 Tips to Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day

Posted by Jennifer Camacho on Fri, Mar 4, 2011

March 4th is Employee Appreciation Day and in celebration, CheckPoint HR is offering tips to help encourage employee appreciation.  A company’s employees are its greatest asset and key to the success of their business strategy. Employee recognition and appreciation is important for organizations of all sizes. Satisfied employees tend to be more motivated and productive. Effectively communicating recognition and appreciation can create positive work environments, which lead to greater retention rates for many companies. 

“Employee appreciation can often times be overlooked, yet it should be a critical component of your company’s employee relations strategy,” said Tim Padva, President and CEO, CheckPoint HR. “Expressing employee appreciation increases employee job satisfaction and productivity. Happy employees result in increased customer loyalty, customer satisfaction and overall company profitability.”

CheckPoint HR has provided the following tips to offer insight into how employers can celebrate Employee Appreciation Day:

1. Simple Thanks

Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day by simply showing gratitude to employees. This can be done verbally or through written notes and email. Personalizing each message is most effective.

2. Host Breakfast or Lunch

Show your appreciation by bringing in either breakfast or lunch for employees. In addition to showcasing appreciation, it also offers employees a chance to all come together in a break or conference room to interact and express ideas. 

3. Present Employees with a Gift

Consider presenting each employee with a small token such as a gift certificate to a local restaurant or theater. Additionally, the company can offer monetary or corporate gifts for all to enjoy such as a new coffee machine or pool table.

4. Promote Wellness

Bring in a massage therapist to give employees a quick stress reliever or host a speaker to promote wellness in the workplace. Stress can dramatically impact an employee’s health and lead to an unproductive environment. Show employees your appreciation by promoting wellness and healthy living.

5. Consistent Communication

While Employee Appreciation Day may only be a day, it is important for a company to consistently communicate and promote employee appreciation and recognition. Identify cost-effective practices that can be implemented departmentally or company- wide to promote employee recognition.  These are not limited to financial rewards but more effectively can be consistent acknowledgement of a job well done.  Praise good work performance verbally and institutionally.  Make incentives and benefits programs visible so all employees can take advantage.

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