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3 Times it Pays to have Integrated Benefits and Payroll Systems

Posted by Julianne Durante on Wed, Jun 25, 2014

Midway through 2014, integrated HR technology remains a trending topic for HR practitioners and organizations looking to streamline operations and save on administrative costs. Integration starts with payroll – the big data-keeper for your organization. Many HR Professionals are looking for payroll systems that are integrated with HRMS technology. But to get the most out of integration, some are getting ahead of the curve and looking for payroll systems that also integrate with benefits administration and enrollment software.

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5 HR Technology predictions for 2013

Posted by Bill Faughnan on Wed, Dec 26, 2012

A recent helpful article in TechTarget by Emma Snider listed 5 HR Technology predictions for 2013 and three critical action items that HR managers need to start taking.

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HR Technology – Five Key Areas it Can Help You With

Posted by Bill Faughnan on Thu, Aug 9, 2012

Human resource team members are the unsung heroes of the business world.  CEOs and corporate executives may steer the ship, but without a solid human resources department in the engine room, it will do little more than float aimlessly for awhile before sinking.  From recruiting and training to payroll and employee performance reviews, an HR department carries a great many responsibilities on their capable shoulders.  While there is absolutely no way to replace an experienced human resource department team member, there is an effective way that is guaranteed to make their job a bit easier.  Scratch that – a lot easier.  HR technology.  Here are some of the key areas and ways that HR technology can help your HR team be more productive, effective, and error free. 

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Employers and Employees Recognize the Benefits of HR Technology

Posted by Bill Faughnan on Mon, Mar 26, 2012

Last week, Prudential Financial released its findings from their Sixth Annual Study of Employee Benefits: Today and Beyond. While all of the research conducted is related to employee benefits, the section on technology illustrates the need for a streamlined benefits process and its contribution to a more effective workplace.

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Take Advantage of HR Technology

Posted by Bill Faughnan on Mon, Aug 22, 2011

The purpose of HR technology is not to replace existing staff, but to assist them with daily work tasks that may be taking up unnecessary time. By utilizing HR tools, your employees can focus their time on more important areas of work. As an employer, your employees are the foundation of your company. By helping them with primary responsibilities such as recruiting, employee performance reviews, payroll and training, their jobs will become easier and less stressful. Ultimately, your HR department will be more productive, with the ability to spend time on important tasks that they may not have had time for before.

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Human Resource Technology – Four New Trends to Watch

Posted by Bill Faughnan on Sun, Apr 10, 2011

The term human resource technology covers a lot of different specific topics, just as the field of human resources itself does.  And like nearly every other aspect of business and life in general, human resource technology is constantly changing.  This doesn't just mean faster benefits administration programs or better data reports.  This means the broad definition of human resource technology and the new trends that are becoming common components of the field.  Evolving with the market is the only way to stay relevant, so knowing what's taking over or on the way is important.  Here are a few of the trends in human resource technology that you should know about.

1.    Online Recruiting – It's practically guaranteed that you know about online recruiting by now.  Finding the best new employees is practically a war these days, and this type of human resource technology provides you with a modern weapon to use in your battles.  The best sites offer more than just a listing of resumes in a certain category, however.  Great ones offer corporate career recruitment pages, individually targeted job boards, deep talent pools, and the ability to link up with social media and mobile devices.  As more college graduates enter the workforce and rely on technology, you'll need to count on it as well.  Making your presence felt on job recruitment websites is a must for the future of your company.

2.    Social Media – Yes, it's come that far.  No longer just a way for friends to connect with one another and talk about their day, social media is a full-fledge human resource technology tool, and one you should consider taking advantage of.  Facebook has over five hundred million members, and its business focused cousin LinkedIn has thirty five million.  College grads and young professionals make up a large percentage of those numbers, and having a business page on social media sites lets you court new employees on their turf.  Not only that, but your current employees can keep track of what's happening in your company through posts and updates.  It may sound strange, but many believe that social media is a real game changer in the world of human resource technology.

3.    Mobile Goes Global – Today's phones are more powerful than desktop computer were less than a decade ago.  The advent of apps has created numerous options for developers to take advantage of, including human resource technology.  There are several applications set to make big waves in the business world, giving HR professionals a mobile solution for human resource management software.

4.    A New Kind of Resume – As much as some people don't want to admit it, video resumes are gaining in popularity.  As a form of human resource technology, these recruiting tools shouldn't be passed over as a mere flash in the pan.  In fact, new human resource technology like recruiting dashboards allows both managers and HR personnel to review video interviews and decide on an ROI quickly.  Some companies have lowered their travel costs by forty percent just by utilizing this human resource technology.

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