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Upcoming HR Trend: Leveraging Your Data

Posted by Julianne Durante on Fri, Jan 10, 2014

While "numbers" used to be reserved for nerds and analysts, data is having its moment. “Big Data” has been trending for a few years now, with good reason: data helps you see trends, track progress, find problems. And sometimes, it’s just plain cool. But most importantly, data helps you make informed decisions.

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Outsourcing Functions, Not Jobs

Posted by Steve Gerrard on Wed, Jan 9, 2013

“Outsourcing” is a highly charged word for most Americans, synonymous with heartless cost-cutting tactics taken by large corporations. But a recent article on outsourcing in describes how small companies are now beginning to outsource. 

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Happy National Payroll Week!

Posted by Shannon Cortina on Tue, Sep 4, 2012

Following Labor Day, this week is National Payroll Week (NPW), which celebrates American employees and employers. National Payroll Week was created in 1996 by the American Payroll Association to celebrate the partnership between the workers of America, their companies, and the payroll professionals who pay them. Additionally, NPW recognizes importance government programs including Medicare, social security, child support, and fair labor standards.

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HRMS – Some Overlooked Issues

Posted by Bill Faughnan on Thu, Aug 2, 2012

If a business is successful, there will inevitably come a time when its human resources department needs some help.  Technology in the form of a Human Resources Management System, or HRMS, is often the best way to ease a human resources department's complex duties.  While there are many obvious aspects to choosing an HRMS for you company, there are also many other facets that businesses overlook or ignore when selecting the system for their business.  Investing in an HRMS can provide numerous benefits to your business, but it can initially be expensive.  For that reason, it's important that you consider all the different issues when selecting your HRMS.

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Considering an HRMS?

Posted by Bill Faughnan on Mon, Jul 18, 2011

Have you ever considered investing in a human resource management system (HRMS)? You may be hesitant, thinking about all of the processes involved from payroll to benefits administration, performance reviews, 401K and more. It can be a daunting task for an HR department to handle all of these tasks, plus more. Additionally, many companies are unable to make informed decisions about where to turn to improve these processes. With CheckPoint HR, you can leave the heavy lifting to us and focus your efforts on what’s most important to you – your business.

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Are You LinkedIn?

Posted by Bill Faughnan on Thu, May 26, 2011

While Twitter and Facebook both provide employers and employees alike with the ability to connect and share content, LinkedIn is different in that it is geared towards business professionals and hopeful college students. Acting as an online resume, LinkedIn offers users the opportunity to professionally connect with others and actively participate in industry-related groups.

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Employee Onboarding – What and Why

Posted by Bill Faughnan on Fri, May 6, 2011

As the job market begins to improve, it’s important to recognize employee onboarding. The purpose of onboarding is to ensure employees feel welcomed, prepared and confident to join the workplace and make an impact within the company.

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Employee Background Checks

Posted by Bill Faughnan on Thu, May 5, 2011

Before hiring new employees, many companies conduct employee background checks, which can range from a simple reference check to a closer examination into credit scores and criminal records. This information is crucial to employers, as it tests the credibility and honesty of a future employee of the organization. It may be necessary to inquire about past salaries as well, in an effort to ensure that potential employees are being truthful about the compensation they received during their previous employment.

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Importance of Training in Your Organization

Posted by Eileen Bowers on Thu, Feb 24, 2011

by Eileen Bowers
PHR / Training and Development
CheckPoint HR

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Five Initiatives for 2011

Posted by Bill Faughnan on Mon, Feb 14, 2011

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